2. Sunday in Advent C (bar 5, 1-9, Phil 1, 4-6. 8-11, Luke 3, 1-6)

In the last week on 1 Sunday in Advent, we have heard more or less about the end times report and the Signs. Approaching of the redemption was presented in the form of alert and the cry of being vigilant.
Today we are experiencing this salvation in any other form. First reading of the Sunday is a call to joy and celebration, an invitation to avoid the dress of mourning and misery. Yes, that is what many people are looking for their life – a life without sorrow and misery. This is precisely what encourages and leads our liturgical readings in the 2 Week of Advent.
Advent is a time of festive mood. Lighting, Christmas wreath, Christmas tree, Santa Claus and much more give us more solemn mood.
In spite of these celebrations, Christmas has a different mood. A time of waiting and hoping it is. The liturgical color “Violet” means, we hope for something, to someone who will save us.
It is not a color of mourning, but the color of hope.
Just as the color, today’s gospel gives us something to ponder. Today we heard about John the Baptist and the desert …
I do not know if anyone here among us knows a desert. I’ve never been in a desert. But when I fly to India the aircraft flies on some deserts. So I was able to have a look at the desert for a few minutes from heights. But that’s all- my desert-experience is mostly from distance: from aircraft and through books.
Recently a book came into my hand, „Desert exist – experience and spiritual experience”. The author tells how dangerous can be a desert. It is a place full of challenges.
There is no water, there is no living things except some plants, there is a lack of communication in part, and more. But there are animals and insects and snakes, which are often highly toxic. Great, isn’t it so?
Today we hear that John the Baptist comes from the desert. He proclaims life. That is his program.

Many people see a contradiction in it. The Man comes out of the desert, where he learned the life of the lowest. He comes to Jordan, where people live “in right sense”.
Now he proclaims life. Yes, a contradiction for many people –
not only for that time but also for the Present.
But a correct understanding of the Gospel is likely to change this initial opinion.
He proclaims a different life. He announces that, life the people there lived was not “the right one”. Then what is it? He says: there is still a life- A divine life.
Where did he get this knowledge? Where did this man knows the divine life? Of course in the desert.

John had left the world to hear God’s voice.
Previously we had had some time of rest. But now we live in a time of “Noice”. Radio, television, mp3s, Ipods, Phone, Mobiles, flights, cars, mopeds, scooters, parties …The List is long enough.

Yes, we need them all, but many of them have destroyed our “quiet zone” or influenced to some extent. Therefore, we have neither time nor interest to listen to God’s voice. Because we do not recognize his voice, we do not recognize His divinity as it is.
And John the Baptist invites people to this life …
He does not invite us to look for new deserts, but to go after the voice of God, to seek and listen it.
Advent is a time to hear God’s voice.

He has a voice of the breeze …

Yes, he is the breath of God …

To hear and understand it we need silence …
Not only external but internal silence.
For that we need peace and joy in us.
Our task is to make a desert, where we can hear God’s voice.
Where, we can experience God’s life more deeply.
Where, we can see His love and His protection and providence.
I wish all of us this Grace! Amen

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