Time is God's Blessing for you!Many say the year has gone quickly. Some may even contradict this and say it was different, it was boring… Yes, we talk a lot about the ‘time’, especially at this time – at the end and at the beginning of the years. The modern social communication networks are full of such images and greetings, pictures and quotes and wishes of a nice, good time… In addition, we may listen to the many discussions and reports on the time that is past and is to come…

Yes, Time is important for all of us.
Because we live in the time and find time for ourselves and others.
Many will say, in this matter God is righteous and one can feel it in concrete terms: Because everyone has got exactly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
There is no difference between rich or poor, male or female, black or white…
Many use this time well and creatively too.
We may know people say they have no time.
But there are many who simply ‘find’ time for others…
Yes, we can also recite a litany on time, tell stories of time…

But today’s readings give us a different opinion.
Time is something especially when we receive or perceive it in faith. After all this time, is blessed by God.
In Sirach we heard.
“Before all ages, in the beginning, he created me, and through all ages I shall not cease to be.” (Sir 24, 9)
What a deep conviction !!!

The second reading (Ephesians) also talks about the same blessing of God…
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavens…“ (Eph 1, 3).
With this blessing we accept two further challenges too.
One is “to be in the community” and the other is that “to live holy and blemish” before God. Both these challenges are not easy.
Community is beautiful but at the same time it requires certain sacrifices and renunciation, since we have to respect, tolerate and accommodate each other. That makes a community beautiful…

To live before God is a also bit exhausting, especially when we are not “good” enough. But these efforts can accompany us to the joys.

Even the Gospel talks about this eternal presence (omnipresence) of God, who was in the world in the form of a Word. This complicated story explains John in his Gospel. “In the beginning was the Word … the Word was God”…

My dear friends,
we see here the blessing presence of God in our time, in our history and life.
We can find his presence something exhausting or a blessing.
But one thing God tells us clearly. He is with us:
Yes, we hear this again and again, God is Emmanuel, God with us!
He speaks again and again these words, His Name, into our conscience, in to our hearts.
Let us accept his presence, his blessing, his offer and make our days, our activities fruitful. Then with his presence, our life get a “divine” nature.
This will make our lives and services easier.

My friends,
God calls us to holiness. He calls us to his Grace-Time.
Let us accept this time with wisdom.
May God bless us and our time. Amen!

–Thomas Kalathil

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