30th Sunday in Ordinary time Year B- Mk 10, 46-52 – Sermon Thoughts

The gospel passage of this Sunday proclaims the curing of a blind man. What is the speciality of this narration? Extra-ordinary to other healing narrations, the cured man has got a name- Bartimeus. It is translated “Son of Timeus”. And as a co incidence Jesus is addressed here “son of David” by the blind man.
In that way I may reduce this gospel passage in one sentence. “This is a dialogue between Sons of Israel”. The Son of David speaks to Son of Timeus or Son of God speaks to a son of Israel.

This Gospel is an expression of two basic ideas.
1. God wants to interact with his people. He is expressing it by overcoming the contra opinions of the “many”.

2. God wants to cure the blindness. Blind is not only the Son of Timeus. In faith he is better than the “many” that were following Jesus. And the sight Jesus wanted to give was not physical, but spiritual.

Jesus is addressed Son of David. Who is David? The Old Testament prophecies underline the importance of David in the Salvation History. Yes, Christ, the Messiah is to descend from David’s Family. This is to emphasize the messianic nature of Jesus. More over the Messiah will bring light for those who live in darkness. It is not only a physical light. But it is more than that – a spiritual light. Making them capable to “see God”.

How could Bar Timäus recognize Jesus as the “Son of David”? How can he pray “for have mercy on me”- a prayer only addressed to Messiah? According to Jewish religion, it is God alone who can show mercy. So Bar Timeus is proclaiming Jesus as the Christ. And he had the inner light of recognizing Christ in Jesus?

The sciences say that many of handicapped persons have some special powers. They may lack some external abilities. But they may have some other extra qualities. Bar Timeus had such a quality in his Faith?

I find in Bar Timeus 3 special qualities.

1. He was accepting his Self. He knew he was blind. And he accepts it. But he wanted to overcome it. He knew that it was naturally impossible. For that he found his Hope in the supernatural power of Jesus.

2. Bar Timeus found the right person. He didn’t reach somebody, not a physician, but Jesus. And he believed in Him.

3. He cried out. He showed his feelings and needs with no limitation. Many tried to block him. But he wasn’t hesitated.

Bar Timeus places some questions before us! How we practice our faith? Are we accepting our weakness? Or are we having the thought, that we are “complete” persons? Are we reaching the best person in our need? Especially in our faith-crisis? Is Jesus our best helper? Can we extend our hearts to him? Or are we thinking, what others may think about us?

Bar Timeus is the best example for us. We can change our sonship with the expression of our faith. We can become children of God. Are we powerful enough? Let us pray for that. Amen!

– Fr Thomas Kalathil

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