My dear ones,
at least once a week, on Sundays, many of us go to the church.
We do this in order to pray. Here at the church we are a community who gladly sing and pray together…
The community encourages us our faith, it support us .
But how I feel in my personal prayer?
Am I in communion with God? Do I feel his strength?
Do I get answers to my prayers?
Am I open to God and other fellow human beings?
Let us seek answers to these questions and ask for God’s grace:

The last days of Jesus, his resurrection and the later experiences, had been very turbulent and exciting time for the disciples. They have seen how Jesus, the Son of God suffered and dead. And then they heard and saw different accounts on his resurrection. Even they themselves spoke and ate them with the risen Christ. They tried to grasp everything. Some remained doubtful.
Others responded it quietly and thoughtfully…Yes, there was a stir in those times.

But the disciples knew that, something is going to happen.
They waited for a surprise, for the Counselor, even though they did not know how the future would look like. This experience marked a turning point in her life and thought with herself.
After the Ascension of Jesus into heaven they had no more grip. In this situation, they sought the help of prayer in the community. They waited patiently, hoping and praying for help.

Prayer! The apostles are rarely presented to us as a people of prayer.
Sure, they prayed to Jesus to teach them how they should pray; they also prayed (slept) in the night at Gethsemane. Otherwise we do not know much about their prayer life. Now, suddenly, they need Prayer. They feel that it is the only help in their situation.

Yes, my friends,
Necessity is the mother to all beginning. It was the same with the disciples of Jesus. We see through their life, how important is a community for a scattered and dispirited people.
They stayed in a closed room, but their hearts were wide open for the greatest miracle. They were ready to receive the promise of the Spirit of God.

They show their courage and their openness here.
Because, they join even the women, Mary and the mother of Jesus with them.
This was very new and modern step in a jewish context. Because Women are not allowed to pray together with men. They had special places in the temple and synagogues. But here, the apostles are not excluding or branding them as a weak gender. They take them as strong pillars of faith. S o they pray together without reservation and orthodoxy and forms a new community.

Jesus also prays; we hear it in the Gospels.
He emphasizes the role of prayer and community in the Kingdom of God.
To this end, he says that prayer should join us and should not divide us.
Through this prayer gets its authenticity. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

My friends, the apostles prayed for a common cause.
They sought strength and courage to their vocation.
They did it with love and openness and were rewarded for it.

Pope Francis showed us a great sign in the last week, as he visited Holy Land. He invited Shimon Peres, the President of Israel and Mahmoud Abbas, of Palestine to pray together. This will take place on 8th of June 2014 in the afternoon, in the house of Pope in Rome. The world looks forward for a new peaceful brotherly era.

The prayer of Apostles and the example of Pope Francis should be an example for us. We always come together as a people of prayer. We often pray – not only in the Church, even at home. Is prayer an important and powerful means for me? Does it unite me or separate? Let us try to pray with sincerity and longing. God bless us and make us real praying people. Amen!
–Thomas Kalathil

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