EmptinessWhen we travel in the Holy Land, we will find so many places, which are related to the life of Jesus. Many of them are not “the” place, which we read in the holy bible. Some places like Cana or the place of Baptism, exist not only once, but more than one time.

Once we visit the tomb of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre church, we may notice an empty tomb; empty, as the disciples found it in that early morning.
Also we may find “the place of Jesus’ Ascension” in the holy Land.
We cannot prove scientifically, that this was the place of ascension.
Not only that place, but many such places cannot give us a hundred percent surety for that.
We cannot experience Jesus and his disciples physically in these places. The faith and narrations keep this alive in us.
Still these places are of great importance for our faith.
Because, once being there and associating the biblical narrations and our faith experiences, with that of Jesus and his way, we fell something special.

When we celebrate the feast of Ascension and all other feasts of Jesus, we come across with the truth, Jesus’ life is connected with a system of “emptiness”. Yes, he made himself “empty” for a great faith. He made himself to nothing, to invisible, so that those who follow him may experience his special assistance though out their lives.

Jesus tells that in another words: “For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.” (Jn 16, 7)
Yes, he is making way for the coming of the Holy Spirit.
He makes himself empty, so that the new spirit can work.
He made place for the freshness of God’s renewing spirit,
just as the fresh wind replaces the heavy condensed air
in the atmosphere circulation which gives freshness to our thoughts and lives.

Jesus makes himself empty, so that the fresh spirit of God can renew the faithful with new thoughts and new lives.
Christ’s ascension is in this manner, not a loss for the disciple and the church. He is still present in and with his eternal love.
He is still in work as God the father is in work.
He works in the Spirit of God. He works in his real disciples.

He sends us with this mission to renew the world.
By proclaiming the new message of Peace and Life,
by proclaiming the extra ordinary message of being empty,
by proclaiming the renewing spirit of God,
the ascended Christ is present in our World.

He showed it his disciples by braking the bread,
by sharing his life with others.
His emptiness was not something theoretical, but had a practical example too.
He made himself empty, not in a negative way,
but for the re-creation of the better world.

Let us follow this example of Jesus.
Let us make ourselves empty and make Jesus and his fresh spirit present.
May this change our lives and our World.
God bless us all. Amen!

–Thomas Kalathil

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