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Maundy Thursday

Many agree that term “Maundy” has a connection to the Latin word “mandatum”, means “Commandment”. This comes from the Gospel of John 13:34.
In Latin it is: “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos”.
This means: “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you”. Jesus gave his disciples a new way of life as they werecelebrating the Passover. It is the law of Love and Service.
Let us live this commandment…
Wish you all a Holy Maundy Thursday…

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Maundy Thursday / Holy Thursday– 2015

Maundy ThursdayWhen we remember a person we may have certain feelings and emotions. Most of these memories bring us happiness in us. But some can be just opposite too. Such memories have a great role in our lives. If we take them positively, any of these good and bad memories can help us to grow in our life. And this is the great capability of us, human beings. Because some of such memories really help us to live further, they give us power and orientation.
We have so many examples in our life. I believe the co-pilot, who caused the plane crash last week, too missed such good memories in his life, which frustrated him and caused the death of further 149 people. Yes, emotions have sometimes great value.

Today on this Thursday, we celebrate the remembrance of Jesus with pleasure, and cherish the tradition of good memories of him.
„Do this in memory of me“. These words of Jesus, when he broke the bread is an invitation to us. He asks us to remain in a new covenant of love, a covenant of relation. Because Jesus knew, relations and emotions are very important to us. He knew, to continue this relation his friends need not only words, but actions and signs. That is why he played the part of a servant by washing the feet of his disciples. The touch and the emotions and moreover the readiness to set a sign of love by action had it’s fruits.
In that way Jesus left behind some great memories.
Here we have the memory of a serving God, who at the same time becomes the centre of everything. Only Jesus could do that, since he was filled with that kind of healing love. We do cherish them even after 2000 years, with great love and care.

My dear friends,
Jesus didn’t make use of the weakness of others, but he himself tried to empower them. He gave his life both physically and spiritually for the well being, for the betterment of others. He asked his followers, not to fight and conquer for power and other wealth. But his commandment was to love and serve. That makes him different, because these messages of Jesus changed the world a lot. They are still changing a lot of people.

Washing the feet, is for many of us something which is not according to the present times. It is seen as some strange tradition in some parts of Europe. Sure, it is strange and it is not easy to do that job in a modern world.
But it is a powerful sign, just like the sign of breaking the bread.
Because, in both actions, Jesus makes himself to nothing.
He is not a hero, but becomes a „Zero“.
He is not the presiding master, but a serving servant.
He is not consuming the bread, but sharing it as his body.

Yes, both these signs are inspired by the great feeling of Love and service.
Both of them are done in much dedication and love.
We find this love even in our modern times. It Jesus lacking this love, his service would have brought not much value at all.

„Do this in memory of me“.
Yes, Jesus asking me and you this even today – daily.
Can we remember his greatness?
Can we follow his great ways of service and love?

What feeling does others have, when they have to remember us?
Can we leave good memories for others as Jesus did?
Can we put a sign of love and sharing or caring?
Then even our lives will be a holy sign of memory for the time.
May God bless us all! Amen!

–Thomas Kalathil

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Palm Sunday – 2015

Hosana, Save us LordPalms, Enthusiastic Crowd, Jesus on a colt, celebration and rejoice…
We see today Jesus amidst a lot of such celebrations.
“Hosanna – Save us”… people shouted so loud…
That means they expected a savior and believed that Jesus can save them!
But, can any human save the people of God?
Can a poor carpenter be their Messiah?
The priests, Pharisees and other leaders in Israel should have certainly thought about it. But the simple people, the crowd see only their plight.
They are not concerned about such theology.
Any way, we see that Jesus enters in to the footsteps of the great personalities like Moses, David and many others.
He is the hope for the world – the hope of the hopeless.
Therefore, the people shouted: “Hosanna – Save us”.

Why this crowd put their trust in Jesus?
It is because these people heard the many stories about Jesus;
Stories of his miracles, healing, and his authority…
They loved him and many became his followers.

But there is a problem in this crowd:
Many of them were only spectators.
In the following days we will find, how many of them were his true disciples. Yes, there were only a few disciples like John, some women like Mary, in his days of passion with him. Many who were enthusiastic, many who celebrated him as king, hid in fear against the Jewish leadership and laws. Some showed their indifference; some others showed their superficial faith.

A crowd that is cheering on the streets, but do not follow Jesus,
is just like a overcrowded church, that don’t live their faith.
Yes, I know my words are hard. But that’s the truth. And my question is whether our God needs the largest and most beautiful or most crowded churches only? Yes, to have something like that, has at least its superficial beauty. But the people who celebrate and receive the sacraments should also exercise mercy each other. They should strengthen others in faith.
Otherwise, this will be not more than a crowd or spectators.

God needs to at least no such crowd…
He and his church need but responsive, compassionate, believing people. He need a community of inspiring people today…

Jesus had an option for the weak for his entry into Jerusalem:
He has palm trees and branches of the bushes instead of ostentatious decorations and confetti; He had a weak ass instead of strong horse…
just like that, he also has chosen you and me as his witnesses, with our weakness. We will certainly counted from the world as weak,
because we follow Christ.
But we are strong, because our Strength is in his name.

With our weakness, we may not be able to change our world much, but still Jesus asks us not to remain one of the many spectators. For we are called to be the responsive Christians. We are ‘followers’ of Christ, who deliberately follow him. This way can be dangerous. It can be uneasy.
But our God is with us and he will help us.
Because, we can call him at any time, “Hosanna, Help, Save us, O Lord”.

Yes, my dear friends,
Jesus is our hope. We can trust him.
For his heart remains with us who really follow him and inspire humans.
May the Christ, save and bless us all. Amen!

–Thomas Kalathil

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