On my 11th Priestly Ordination Day, I had the chance to go for the collections with a carol group along the streets of my living place.
We met happy and dedicated parents, young group leaders and children, who were going around for other children in an unknown part of the world.
They collected money for a better life for the children who are living far away.
Even they faced some unfriendly people, they were not desperate.
But they were ‘highly-motivated’- as they were going amidst the rainy, cold, snowy, windy and even sometimes dangerous and ugly streets.

I am sure, they will keep these memories alive…
Because, we met people with different attitudes and appearance…
Some time we thought, some of them may donate for the children.
But our calculations were wrong at times.

Most of the time, people who were either old or having normal living standard, donated more to the children.
We met really happy people appreciating the children who dressed as three kings and blessed the houses. We met people, inviting us for some refreshment. Children received some sweets & chocolates too…

Some faces are remaining still lively in my memory:
We also saw tears in the eyes of some people…
We saw an old lady, who called us from the other side of the street and donated the children.
We also stood before a gate where there was a caution board: „Beware of Dogs“! We saw ‘rough’ lady smoking in front of an old fashioned house. We expected nothing, except some bad words. But she surprised us, with a pleasant face and gave her donation and even took the 20*C+M+B+15 Sticker for her house.

An Anglican lady called us from the opposite apartment and gave us donations and sweets for our ‘Kings’! Even a non-Christian, young man too surprised us with his donations and friendly behaviour.

As we reached a financial institute, which had the ‘color of love’, we had some positive expectations…But they disappointed the children with some ‘complimentary’ books as gifts! Even though the manager of the institute earned much more than the poor old lady,
she donated not a Cent for the children!

Yes, We had such good experiences in these hours…
I got some unfading pictures through out the hours.

The great truth, that I could refresh was:
„Never judge people from their external appearance. The appearance is not everything.”
This was the most fantastic gift,
I presented myself on my ordination day this year and I think,
this will remain, for years!

–Thomas Kalathil

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