Christmas: Some Thoughts – 2009 – Fr Thomas Kalathil

In the Advent and Christmas time the whole world listen a melody. It is nothing other than the famous song “Silent Night”. Many think this is an American folk song. No, it is originated in near to Salzburg, Austria.
People are happy to listen this song, because it gives them some indisputable joy and happiness, as it reminds and declares us the great coming of a great person – Jesus the Son of God.

Together with the Whole world I too rejoice to hear and recollect on this song. Because I had a special blessing to visit the place, where Francis Xavier Gruber and Father Joseph Mohr gave birth to this “Eternal Song” in 1818. Even though I am an Indian, I was so proud to visit the place and got some particular feeling when I hear the song later on.

But later in a parish I heard from an Austrian lady, that this song is “too sentimental”. She noted that with a negative accent. For the first time I was shocked. I thought, as an Austrian citizen she must be proud of the song. But the reality was just the opposite.

Later I tried to control my shock and found a reason, that each person has got his or her own musical taste. In this way I tried to understand the comment from that particular lady.

But still a thought remained as a flare in me. My thought was so…
How changing is human? How forgetful we are? It was not only regarding the song but commonly, it was a truth, a sad truth.

Yes, we are developing. And it is very radical and speedy. So what our parents kept sacred and precious, are no more the same for us. They are more sentimental for us. Because we label ourselves as the rational generation. So all these customs and celebrations are just an event to celebrate. And we forget mindfully the meaning of them…

What has Christmas to do with this? Christmas, is a reminder. It reminds us that God is thoughtful of us. He has concern for us. He showed this concern once sending his only son as a human. He did it, so that we may recognize him as the “living God”. He sent him, so that we get an idea, how to live our lives; how to love our brothers and sisters sincerely. He sent Jesus, in order to show his great sacrificial and sacred heart for his people.

Yes, Christmas has got thousands of such adjectives. But the central message of the day is that, God remembers his people, whom he created in his own image and likeness. And he will not let them perish. Moreover he wanted to kindle the fire of divinity and humanity in us, so that we may return to Him and his love and peace.

Yes, dear ones,

Christmas reminds, that we are remembered by God.
It reminds us, God has a Heart than the reason.

The poor Child Jesus in the manger reminds the divine call in us;
to remember our creator and to love him; to remember our history;

Let this Christmas time remind us that we are beloved to our God.
May God bless us all through the Child Jesus in the manger! AMEN!

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