Pope Benedict is just arrived in Africa. But the next hot discussion started in the Media.

Pope opend his mind regarding Aids and Condems. He said

“the distribution of condoms is not the answer in the fight against AIDS in Africa


Just after minutes there started hot dicussions, supporting and protesting this opinion. Mainly ther german media is cconcentrating more on the “German Pope”.

What does Pp Benedict want to say?

Surely the catholic church is against all kind of “technical -safe-sex”.

Pope want to assert this once again.

More over that, the use of condems make men think that, there are no limits in enjoying the “safe-sex”. That will surely lead to a losed moral behaviour. Especially in poor continents like Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

But what about the arguement to protect the partner from further infection?

Any way the media got Pope again on their “operation table”.

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