We mostly call the 3 “gentlemen” in Matthew 2 as Kings. But the Holy Bible calls them as “Wise Men”. This comes from the Greek root >> MÁGOI < < and this corresponds to a group who were members of the Persian Priests. They were specialists in Astrology and Stars. I too prefer for the word “Wise Men” and I have some reasons for that belief. Some one who looks for Knowledge will be basically a seeker. Their hunger and thirst for the new information cannot be unquenched. We can see the “syndrome” of this hunger and thirst in the actions of these 3 Wise Men. 1. They had interest in small signs. Here it is the “star”. Many of them might have seen “that” star in the sky in those days. But only these found this very special. Only they got a message and desire to follow and find the “truth” behind the star. 2. They were ready to take any risk for the knowledge. Thus they started their journey. They had difficulties on the way. Even Herod had a “hidden plan” with them. Still they took that risk as seekers of knowledge & truth. 3. They knew their aim and were prepared for it. They were in search of a “King”; but they didn't wonder at the sight of a “baby in a manger”. On the contrary the rejoiced (2, 10). Because they looked for the “new born child” (Mt 2,2). And they carried their presents – Gold, Frankincense and Myrr with them for the “King” they were about to meet. (2, 11). All these may appear simple matters. But they point to their personality and show their status. They symbolize three great virtues too: 1. Find great meaning in simple signs; 2. Go for risks for truth; 3. Be prepared for the proper reaction and be joyful with the result. As a believer we too are on the way. With their character, they deliver us today some great messages for our life. Let us also go in search for the truth – true God and be joyful in his presence. God bless us all. Amen!
— Thomas Kalathil

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