Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family.
In today’s readings we encounter two different families.
A family from the Old Testament and the other from the New Testament.

The first family from the Old Testament is that of Abraham and Sarah.
Abraham was childless for many years. But one day, God speaks to him and takes his despair. God promises him not only a son, he even says: “Your descendants shall be numerous as the Stars at the sky…”
Abraham welcomes this powerful word of God with an open heart and takes it seriously. In other words; Abraham believed God.
Abraham experienced the power of God later in many ways.
His faith was often put to the test. In all trials but he remained steadfast.
God rewarded him for his strong faith by keeping his promises. Yes, he learns a great recognition, for his name comes first of Jesus’ genealogy, as Matthew writes in his Gospel.
It’s amazing: although Adam and Eve were the first family on earth, Abraham and Sarah has a very special place in the salvation history. If they had said “NO” to God or being unbelieving, their story would have been different…

The second family of which we hear is the family of Joseph and Mary with Jesus. This family also experienced again and again the presence of God in their lives. By the message of an angel and the many experiences the family of Joseph remains in constant communication with God. They always sought the will of God in their lives. They believed in God’s Word, which exceeds their human reason. God’s Word was above all such reason and scientific prove.

With the “yes” of Mary and Joseph, they meet the expectations of God too.
Thus they make room for the arrival of the Saviour, for Christ.

Both of these families had pretty exciting life stories.
But they believed in God, in contrast to many other people.
They lived in the presence of God or in other words, in font of God.
Their great faith in God made their lives something special.
Their faith was like her mantle.

From their lives we can draw instructive conclusions:
To believe in God always contains a certain risk. But faith and trust in God can transform everything. Because God heals all wounds, strengthens all our weaknesses and sanctifies everything.

The two families are only examples for us – Examples of trust and faith in God. They teach us that family is the best place to practice our faith in God… Here we learn to pray and grow together.

In order to be holy we need a ‘family’…
We should not this ‘Family’ only at our home. We are also a ‘family’, here in this church… The world is also a ‘family’, because we have a Heavenly Father and we are His children.

Let us take advantage of this opportunity for our lives,because we were lucky to have a family here on earth. A family in the Church. We have a large family as God’s children. Many people do not have this perspective and opportunities. Many people end their lives wantonly, when they are in a ‘dead end’, when they miss a family to help, to love and to protect them.

We should be grateful for our ‘families’ and should secure and preserve it for the coming generations, so that they too enjoy this great sphere of care and love, which is blessed by God, by his incarnation.
May the Holy Family of Bethlehem be an example for us.
God bless our families. Amen

–Thomas Kalathil

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