Good FridayDying is not easy.
In order to face death, one needs courage.
If someone knows that he will die in the next few days, in the next few minutes, he or she will live determined and change some life style.

Actually, we are all aware that death is an inevitable fact.
Nevertheless, we are afraid of dying, because we are not ready to face it.
We do not prepare for our last time.
It is true, that we organize many things for our life here on earth:
We collect everything for our lives: we build homes, buy and sell things that we need to live or we believe we need them.
All of these things are only for few years on the earth.

But we pay rere attention to our Life after death.
Interesting thing is, though we proclaim our belief in a Life after death almost every Sundays, when we pray our Creed. Still we rarely do think about our last hours and our life after life.

Jesus gives us an example here:
He was sure that his life will not last long.
Thus we observe in the life of Jesus, two important aspects:

1. He loved the world, his fellow man, his life. But these relations were a part of his temporary life on earth. This does not mean that he would not have taken this life, this relaions seriously. No, he loved it. We can experience it in the Gospels. But still he lived his life consciously and consistently to the End. He never forgot his death and sufferings to come.

2. Life and death were his ways to glory (Resurrection).
He used both positively. He was able to view life and death as something important. Therefore, he could say, “It is finished”. Yes, his life comes to an end, even if he dies helpless before us- powerless on the cross.

What is Life?
What is the meaning of these years on earth?
Are they a cause for celebration? A cause for anxiety?
Can we seriously make some thoughts on our end?

What would happen to me if I die today or tomorrow?
How people will remember me?
Have I lived my life responsibly?
Can I say like Jesus, “It is finished”?
Did I really fulfilled my duties here on earth?

Or is there something that bothers me a lot:
some relationships…?
some tasks that I have neglected…?

Am I afraid of life and death?
Or do I firmly believe in the resurrection in Christ, life in Christ?

Sometimes, like Jesus, I may stand alone in my life.
I may see cheering and criticizing people around me …
Yes, Sometimes in the middle of celebration and happiness…
but sometimes I have to stand alone…
i have to suffer Alone…

Do I have the good feeling,
that my life is safe in the hands of God?
Am I sure with my God?

–Thomas Kalathil

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