Homily – Feast of the Mother of God – New Year

Today is a beginning.
The New Year begins. We are in a festive mood …
it is a solemn mood for the beginning of the year
so that it starts with joy …

The church too welcomes the new year in this mood …
Maybe in little silence … not with much celebrations and ceremonial methods outside.

We celebrate the Feast of the Virgin Mary.

Mary is also in a beginning. So far Mary’s experience of God was in prayers.
Now He is with her in physical presence. This is a new life for her.
likely a special experience, Mary.

And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.“ says the Gospel.
This is a durable and sustaining statement on her life.
Then she had not only nice experiences in her life.
She also bore suffering and “sword” in her heart.
Amongst all these experiences … she kept quiet.
She never discussed about it.
She had no complaints.
She was able to behave so because she was with God.
She could listen to God’s will and understand it exactly.

We are in the new year …
The past is gone.
But it’s not quite gone to the past.

Like Mary we also need to live in reflecting on our experience …
Not only on certain events, but also on many persons who were with us.

Then the New Year is not “new time”. It is a continuation of the old.

Let us, like Mary, keep everything in the heart, which we need in the New Year, which may help us somehow, assist and support our life.
Some experience can be bitter …
even these too are needed, because those are too a part of life.

Mary kept all in her heart.
Her life was not an easy one…
She had suffered very much …

but she remained her strength.…Strength from God.
She was with God, walked with God.

In this new year, I wish all of us, this grace
that we may walk with God;
that we form our lives with God’s help.

This celebration here is therefore very important.

We begin this new time with God …
We put our hands into the hand of God …
We place our hopes in his heart …
We take the time and everything as his grace and gift.
We are then strengthened as Mary and Joseph, and many other saints.
Then we can say with Paul:
“What can separate me from the love of Christ?”

Let us begin with God, our new time …
then God is on our side …

He gives us strength and hope.

May the new time in 2011 be a time with God. Amen.

Fr Thomas Kalathil

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