Jesus' Monday in the Holy Week
As Jesus and His disciples left Bethany Monday morning, Jesus was hungry on the walk to Jerusalem. Spotting a fig tree (Mk 11:12) Jesus went up to it to see if there was any fruit on it. The tree was without fruit, and Jesus cursed the tree for not producing fruit as it should have. Upon entering Jerusalem Jesus went into the Temple. It was on this day that Jesus cleared the Temple from the money changers and lenders (Mk 11:15-18 / Lk 19:45-48 / Mt 21:12-13). This action further provoked the authorities in Jerusalem to plot his death (Mk 11:18). A delegation of Greeks approached Phillip asking to see Jesus (Jn 12:20-50). Jesus predicted His death, and a voice from Heaven was heard by the people listening to Jesus speak. This was no ordinary Monday with Jesus in Jerusalem. After this, He retired to Bethany for the night.


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