holy tuesday

Jesus returned to Jerusalem and spent the majority of the day in the Temple answering questions posed to Him by the Pharisees, Sadducees, and chief priests and leaders. These religious authorities sought to entrap him with their questions (Mt 21:15-17,23-46 / Mt 22:15-46) about John the Baptist, paying tribute (“Give to Caesar what is Caesars”), and the resurrection. As Jesus was sitting in the Temple watching the people put their offerings into the temple treasury, He witnessed a simple offering by a poor widow, described in Mark 12:41-44.

Despite her offering of the smallest copper coin in use at the time, Jesus remarked that her offering was more than everybody who had given, for they had given out of wealth, but she had given all she had to live on out of faith. Later in the day, after Jesus and His disciples had left the Temple, they were sitting on the Mt of Olives. It was here that Jesus gave His sermon about the End Times to His disciples while overlooking Jerusalem (Mt 24 / Mk 13). Mere decades later, in 70 AD, the Romans would destroy Jerusalem and burn the Temple to the ground. It has not been rebuilt since.
Source: http://www.israel-a-history-of.com/jesus-in-jerusalem.html

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