Maundy Thursday is a continuation.
The continuation of the celebration of the Passover, which received another meaning in Jesus. This celebration is an important celebration for us Christians. Then, on this day we remember the institution of the Eucharist.
On this day we celebrate the institution of the priesthood in the Church.

Yes, this is such a day,
a day of thought and remembrance.
“Have memories and celebrate this memory.”
Jesus too tells this today.

The Passover is a festival of remembrance which we see in the Old and in the New Testament at the same time. The Passover of Israel and its repetition were remembered by Jews yearly.
Because, this was a celebration related with their life experiences.
In its yearly celebration, they cherished their memories and Faith in God.
It was the will of Yahweh, that they should remember it each year.

Jesus too tells us :
“Do this in remembrance of me” and we do it in every Holy Mass.
But why should we remember God / Jesus?
Because, the feast connects us with God, with Father, Son and the Spirit.
It also connects us with others…
In this communion our covenant with God becomes more powerful and holy. We experience our Savior who will save us.

This covenant is a covenant of gratitude and love.
Yes, my friends, in every the Eucharist we can see the celebration of gratitude and love…

Seeing the signs and hearing the words of Jesus, many may ask today:
how can God become a human being and even give himself as food for us?
Can God be a servant and wash the feet of the people?
Is this a true God? If the, what kind of God is he?

Yes, He is God, some one special in words and deeds.
In Christ, we see the perfect love.
Out of this love, he became human to save us.
Out of this love he becomes servant.
He cleans us, so that we can understand this love and service and live this.

Jesus reminds us that he is a Serving God.
He also wants to lead us in his love and service to the the humanity.
For that he is willing to share, even his life.

My dear ones,
it is hard to understand…
it is hard to live.
But Jesus tells us, to live in this memories.
He tells us to remember it and strengthen the community.
He tells us to think of others in our celebrations and to live a life of sharing.

Let us thank God for his great memories of love and gratitude.
Let us keep his memory and live as his Children.
God Bless us all. Amen!
–Thomas Kalathil

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