May 31 – Mary crowned as the queen

O blessed Mary; we believe that you were crowned as the queen of Heaven and Earth by the will of the Holy Trinity. You are our motherly refuge in our daily life troubles. O mother, queen of heaven, we thank for your silent prayers and helps. Help us to live a life that is fitting to our Christian call. Give us the grace to proclaim you as our mother and queen of life.

Concluding Prayer:

O blessed Mary; you were specially assisting us as our mother and help in this month of May. O mother, your whole life is an example for us. Your faith and trust in God are very much needed in our faith. Your humility and concern for the poor and needy are light for our ways. O mother, help us to follow your life of simplicity and reach the heavenly presence to enjoy the eternal happiness by your son Jesus Christ.

O Mary, help of Christians, Pray for us.

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