Today on Palm Sunday, let us have these four thoughts:
1. The people received Jesus with branches of palm trees and praises.
This custom was usual there on the Feast of Tabernacles with a rite called Hoshanot. On these days, people moved in a procession with palms through streets and gather around the altar for prayers.
Some experts tell that there was singing and dancing and celebration…
Passover was yet another important festival, a festival for 7 days like the Feast of Tabernacles. But this was celebrated to commemorate the liberation from Egyptian slavery and to thank God with sacrifices. In addition to this, people were also happy when Jesus came to Jerusalem.
– Do we rejoice in the coming of God? Are we happy that he abides with us?

2. Jesus comes to Jerusalem, after he had worked some great miracles:
The healing of the blind and the raising of Lazarus.
This made him famous in Judea and its surroundings.
The people received him in euphoria and with great expectations.
Some of them had hope in Jesus as the Saviour.
Thus they sing and Pray: ‘Hoshia-na’, which means, ‘Save us’ or ‘Rescue us’!
They think of the Messiah, the true Saviour and the Lord of Passover.
This was a good introduction to the Passover
because more than celebrating the customs of Passover,
they hoped in their salvation.
– Does our celebration with Christ brings us hope and Salvation?

3. Jesus entered Jerusalem not as a ruler of the world,
but as an angel of peace.
He uses a Colt and an Ass and thereby selects the simplicity of the weak.
But the ass / colt was not that weak:
It can carry loads and it is a powerful beast in Palestine.
It is a quite normal companion of the common people.
– God is calling me a weak and common person to carry and to mediate him in the world. Do I recognize it? Do I feel that I am near and dear to God?

4. People hold branches of trees in their hands – most likely palms or olive branches – and no swords or weapons…
Yes, Jesus needs no security of weapons. God is his security.
And he says: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.“ (Mt 5, 9).
He tells that he is the Prince of Peace- The Son of God.
Let us pray for his company and may he guide us. Amen !

–Thomas Kalathil

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