Pater PioToday the Catholic church celebrates the memory of Pater Pio.
He carried the Wounds of Jesus in his body.
That is the historical part of the day.

How many wounds do we carry daily in our lives?
Have we turned them to the wonder-wounds of God?
Are they giving only pains or can we reach the heart of God and others through them?

Economizing and politicizing God and his Wonders:
that will be the greatest failure of any religion today.

What you were, what your God was, that is the past:
The Past, which should form the present and maintain the future.
What you are in the name of the same God,
that is the important factor today.

We are not interested in carrying the Wounds and Wonders of God today.
More than that, we are targeting others to wound them,
in the name of faith, politics, color and country…

The most important question to all faithful today is,
whether our lives are corresponding to the life of our religion and faith?
Transforming them mine and your wounds to wonders?
— Thomas Kalathil

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