Sermon Thoughts – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time – A- Mt 5, 13-16

Today we have heard about light and salt.
These are two beautiful and important elements we need for our lives.

Light is special.
I remember with great pleasure that day, our house got electricity and the first electric bulb lit.
Salt: We know that salt gives flavor.
I have read that for baptism once it was a ceremony, to sprinkle a small pinch of salt to on the tongue the child. The message was clear: “You are the salt of the earth.”

Jesus speaks very carefully in the Gospel. He’s not listing what we can or should not do.
Jesus acts as a good teacher. He encourages with his words.
He does not say you shall be the salt of the earth.
He says: “You are the salt of the earth!
He does not say you shall be the light of day.
He says: “You are the light of day.

We Christians are called to be the light and salt in this life.
And where Christians are lacking these elements and lives without Jesus, they are surely trampled by the people and the of course at present in media.

In Europe Salt has a very special use. Salt brings ice to melt. This keeps our roads and paths better to travel.

If Jesus compares us with light and salt,
he expects us to help others to bring the light of life and hope:
to melt the ice of mistrust and doubt:

Light of the world and salt of the earth – it is for we are called:
to bring light and life to the world, to melt the ice in our relations and hearts!
This happens only when one is ready to sacrifice.
Jesus invites us to such a courageous life.
Let us pray for the Grace. Amen.
Fr Thomas Kalathil
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