Sermon Thoughts – 6th Sunday in OT A (Mt 5, 17-37)

“You have heard” so begins Jesus. His speech was something challenging.
Then he speaks about the rules of Moses.
He corrects them or adding to it some of his visions.
Thus, Jesus gives a different meaning for the violence.

Violence – This stands for „be strong“, „rule“.
This is a form of aggression.
We hear every day about the violence.
Then we consume it in very large in-
as news, in films, computer games or as books …

Its roots lie in the Latin word “vis” and
have positive and negative meanings:

– Positive in the sense of power, strength, courage and bravery and in the political sphere of power and effectiveness

– Negative as for attack, oppression, violence, in short, the injury of another person or creature

When Jesus talks about violence, it is not necessarily physical violence.
It’s more about the attitude.
Jesus respected people:
He wants to free people from the influence of violence.

Through his mingling with the people he knew it;
– Many problems arise in communication, in the use of language.

The Holy Bible calls tongue as the worst weapon.
“A deceitful tongue loveth not truth:
and a slippery mouth worketh ruin. “(Prov. 26, 28)

Many of our relationships are affected because our communications go wrong. Therefore, violence in the language is a topic of research for psychologists, especially in modern time.

There is a movement called “Nonviolent Communication” – a concept that was developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg.
It aims to enable people, treat each other,
to improve the flow of communication between them.

Empathy is according to Rosenberg very important
prerequisite of successful a communication.

It is interesting that the giraffe is used as a symbol of positive communication, because it has a very big heart and a long neck (farsightedness).

When we listen to today’s Gospel, we imagine that Jesus is exaggerating a bit. His formulations are very hard and extremely difficult.
But he had in his heart that we people deal peacefully.

“Be Giraffes – have great heart and vision!”

Then, His kingdom is a kingdom of life and peace.
His speciality is Mercy, not sacrifice.

If someone lives with rage and anger, it’s impossible for him to love God. That is why Jesus demands from us the way of reconciliation.

So let us pray with the Psalmist (Ps 34.14)
God of Peace,
“Keep my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking guile”

For this we need to control our hearts and tongue.
“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speakes”
writes Luke (6:45).

For this we need Divine help. God bless us all. Amen!

Fr Thomas Kalathil
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