First of all, let me wish you all a, “Prayerful and Merry Christmas”…

On this Christmas Day, on the day of Christ’s birth, we hear a beautiful narration from Luke, the Evangelist. We can learn from these lines the great joy and deep peace of this event.

But in this hour of celebration, I ask myself:
How can I celebrate this festival with sense?
What is the key to its joy and peace?

We find its answer in the crib, in two people – in Mary and Joseph.
The Bible says they were engaged.
Engagement is a covenant between human beings.
Yes, it exists on mutual trust and care.
The persons who are united in a covenant will move together, think together.
They will share their lives, their joy and sorrow.

Mary was “bound” to Joseph. Thus she is on the way with Joseph.

But she also had another covenant – a covenant with God that was even greater one. But that was not so simple. What Mary did as a woman – as a virgin, that was really an adventure.

But Mary trusted God more than any others.
She believed in him – she acknowledged God and His Word and gave them an important place in her life. That’s why she accepted the offer of God to be the mother of his son.

If she had the vision of an angel of God, now she experiences it more in the the covenant with Joseph. Through his just and merciful decision Josef acts like an angel of God: Yes, he was God’s protective wall for Mary.
That was also something challenging for him.
But he was ready to offer his life for the woman of his life, for the child of God, for God, for the people and even for the whole world.
So says Joseph ‘Yes’ to Mary. Thus he too parttake in this great covenent.

Not only that, God makes a new covenant also with us.
He too says a big “Yes” to us as he did to Mary and Joseph.
He says “yes” to the world.

Christmas is a wonderful celebration… but it conceals within it also some sufferings of many people- Mary and Joseph are also two examples.
They were willing to sacrifice their own will and pleasure for others.

My dear ones ,
if we understand this and try to live in its sense,
then we can celebrate Christmas every day.
If we are to be ready to renounce our own advantages for others – it can for the family, for the partners, for the children, the society, the church, to God, even for the world – then we set a visible sign. Then we receive the light of God in our lives. Then we will have burning candles not only on our Advent wreaths and Christmas trees, but our life itself will shine in this light of God.

But, it is not easy. Jesus parents tell us that truth.
Even then if we show the courage and say “yes” to God and take his words serious, then we too will experience this Christmas miracle.
This festival will be then a “blessed” Christmas and
it will bring us the joy and peace.

Are we ready to yes to others ?
The child Jesus in the manger – even his parents Joseph and Mary ask us so …

Yes , I wish this blessing and joy to you and all…
Please take this joy and the light and bring it into our world.
God bless us . Amen !

–Thomas Kalathil

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