Joseph was a righteous man – thus we call him.
That was his greatest appreciation .
Only one decision gave him this name.

But who is righteous? One who acts according to the law. Is n’t so?
Now, Mary was “with child” before her marriage to Joseph.
In this case Joseph could say “NO” to Mary.
This was allowed and that could be the right decision.
This could be good for Joseph, then otherwise people will criticize him,
that he is against the laws of God / Israel.

But the narration tells some other bahaviour from Joseph.
Joseph is not following his gain or the law and not according to their customs.
The opinions of Majority is not his major criteria.

What he is doing?
He did not want to hurt Mary.
He is not making a quick decision. But he takes his time…
He “sleeps over” this issue…Of course this was not an easy time for him.

With the time Josef gets directions for his life – yes, indeed it happens in a dream. Now to follow a dream is something special.
Because usually one forgets a dream as one wakes up.
Or he should not take it seriously. He may consider it as “just a dream” only.

But Joseph hears, the voice of God in this dream .
He discovers in it the will of God .
Then he takes a decision not only for themselves alone:
But he considers Mary and the child to be born.

“Quiet deity, even if you judge me, judge me mild.” Writes Johann Wolfgang Goethe. (unofficial translation from German).
Yes, many people find God as a quite and silent power.
The message of God is often silent.His voice can be often tedious to grasp.
But Joseph could recognize this voice of God – even in a dream.
Becase he was a “sensitive” man.
He proves it in his decision for supporting mary.

I don’t think Joseph was accepted by all, because of his decision.
For many it was ridiculous and foolish one.
But even in these criticisms, he stood for the protection of life .
He lived the will of God .

Yes , Joseph is just …
but this term ist not enough to praise him.
He is more than just.
He is a man of great heart with great compassion.
In the Bible we hear nothing from Joseph.
He was still and quiet.
But he stands for life and protection of others.
He sees God in little things and experiences.
That was his power .

My dear friends,
God comes to us often in silence and tranquility.
Like Joseph, our faith requires often such Time, silence and tranquility.

Christ is born in silence and tranquility of the night.

Let us also preserve this calmness to hear God’s voice.
Let us be compassionate people.
Let us help others to grow.
Let us learn to protect life.
May St Joseph help us with his intercession.
God bless all. Amen !

–Thomas Kalathil

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