“The Catholic Church seems to be old-fashioned. She talks a lot about the Instutition family.” This opinion is sofar partially true.
The Church acknowledges a high priority for the family.
Because the family is blessed by God Community.

God created Adam and Eve and blessed them.
That was the beginning of this union.
We celebrate this holiday during the Christmas time- today, on Sunday after Christmas. One can explain this so: Even Jesus was born into a family and grew up with his father Joseph and his mother Mary.
Thus, the family enjoys a high reputation in the church.
That’s why we say the family is a domestic church.
There there we pass on the faith to the next generation.

In addition, it is a place of holiness and healing.
Yes , the family can heal people:
Maybe I can explain it by two experiences:
When I was at home for my vacasion, a boy came to me. He was a drug addict. At first he thought it was pretty okay. But gradually he felt ashamed and wanted to get away from it. Therefore, he asked me to help him. After a long conversation he promised me to make a withdrawal treatment and to change his circle of friends. This he did as he loved his family.

The second Experience was related to a girl: She was very sad because she lied to her parents. This was a one-time mistake. Still when she told this, tears flowed from her eyes in torrents. She asserted such a thing will never happen.

These two experiences tell us how positively the Family influences us.
I know that there will be also counter- opinions. However, majaority consider this community as a great gift for the whole mankind.

God also saw this union as the perfect place for the Incarnation of His Son. As we have heard in these days, God made a covenant with us humans through this family. And for this covenant Mary and Joseph have omitted many things. Thus the small family of Nazareth became the “Holy Family”.

Can we also sacntify our families?
Of course, if we give God the first place in it and obey his Words, we too can have our covenant with God and sanctify our families.

Adam and Eve have broken their covenant and for this they paid a heavy price – with the expulsion from paradise.
Mary and Joseph, but obeyed the voice of God :
In that way they made their family in to a small heaven.

Do we want a paradise at home or not?
It is up to our decision.
But we must have a certain willingness, even a desire for that.
If we feel this and say YES,
then we can encounter God in our families.
Let us strive for that.

God , who lived in a family and made it holy,
may also grant us and our families his abundant blessings .
Amen !

–Thomas Kalathil

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