For the New Year 2013 I wish all of you
a good and healthy time.

The New Year’s Eve and the first day in the New Year are Celebrated around the world .
But the Catholics begin this year with the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God .
In our church, as we know, the new year begins not in January,
it starts right after the church calendar on 1 Sunday of Advent.
Nevertheless, Christianity also celebrates 1st January of each year, however, as this Marian feast – Mary as Mother of God. And we celebrate this on the 8 Day after the birth of Christ. So this day is a very special day for us.

The term “Mother of God” got church’s confirmation at the Council of Ephesus in 431. The then Patriarch of Constantinople Nestorius was against the term “Mother of God”. He liked to introduce the title “Mother of Christ” . But Cyril, the Patriarch of Alexandria who was also present in the council insisted on his proposal Mary the title “Theotokos” (Mother of God) and finally his part was the winner. Nestorius and his doctrine were condemned as heresy and he was excommunicated .
This Greek term “Theotokos” (Mother of God) was enriching the faith, as it includes the selfless love of Mary for God and his kingdom.

With Mary and the birth of Christ begins a new era in the world.
Out time is specially blessed by God and his presence.
Maria made the decision to dedicate her live to God and wanted to follow his will, although this also meant a lot of suffering for her. But through her courageous decision for God, she won a great victory and was crowned as the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Even if the new year is a secular celebration, we meet for us some new decisions for our life…
For the new beginning of our lives this year, we need a role-model like Mary. This new year can include joy and pain.
Still, Mary as the Mother of the Lord teaches us through her life:
we need to trust in God to be winners in life.
In this manner we can accept joy and pain.

Mary was full of grace of God and so she became the mother of God.
Like Mary, we can bring Christ and the grace of God to the world.
But this may also bring some “sword experiences” together with it.
Only with and through deep faith we can win it.
It tells us we can do nothing without His grace.

in this new year, we definitely need the example and intercession of Mary,
for our life will be marked again by a mixture of joy and sorrow.
Mary as our mother will help us and accompany us on our way.
So let us put our new year and the time confidently in God’s hands.
He will bless and carry us, as he cared Mary.

God bless us through the intercession of Mary, the mother of God. Amen !
–Thomas Kalathil

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