There is a similarity between the martyrdom of St Garcia and St.John the Baptist. The Gospel of the day tells it.
John lost his life, as Herod Antipas (20 BC to 40 AD) the powerful Tetrarch and King spoke without reason and offered “even the half of his Kingdom” to a small girl.(Mark 6:14-29). Either he was using a metaphorical term, as usual by the Kings, or he was really fool.
We see the same story in the life of St Garcia and friends.

“The captain of the ( Spanish) ship ‘San Felipe’(St.Philip), Francisco de Olandia, while conversing with the Japanese custom officials spoke boastingly of ‘La Espanha de los Conquistadores’ and unnecessary boasted that the Spanish king had captured many countries in the world. He wrongly told that the king of Spain sent the missionaries first to instigate the people against their ruler. When the matter was reported to Toyotomi, he was wild with anger. The situation was exploited by Yakuin Zenso, a physician and close advisor to Toyotomi. The shogun issued the order to arrest and execute all missionaries in Japan. There were three Jesuits also. The Franciscan including Fr. Peter Baptista, Gonsalo Garcia and others were arrested on 8 December 1596 and were sentenced to death.” (cfr.: Part: Clouds of adversities, ).
What a coincidence!

I hope and pray, that our world may use the Word (Communication) in a proper way
and bring life.
But the present changes all over the world shows, even amidst all our developments and technologies, we are living earlier to the stone-ages.

Still I believe, that “the Energy cannot be destroyed”. Everything we do with positive energy will have it’s result, may be it may take some time…
A tree doesn’t bring fruits, just after it is planted. It takes time, if it remain alive! smile emoticon
Let us keep our good communication alive..
It will surely bring 30, 60 and 100 times..

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