august-15-independanceIn the Collect today we hear three attributes of the Mother of God.
1. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of Christ.
2. She is the sign of hope and comfort.
3. She was taken to the heavenly glory with body and soul.

We deal with them today.

1. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of Christ:
She was an ordinary girl in Israel.
But God considers her as the mother of His Son. This was a rare and very special selection.
Mary, the Mother of God has her own unique place in the Church and in our faith.
Yes, in fact, every month we celebrate at least a Marian Feast or a memorial day.
The New Year – 1 January – begins with the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God.
In February we not only celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes,
but also the presentation of the Lord.
In March we celebrate the Annunciation of the Lord.
On 26 April, we celebrate the feast of “Our Lady of Good Counsel.”
The month of May is a Marian month – Mary is the Queen of May.
Also the appearance of Mary at Fatima is celebrated in May.
In June – on the Saturday of the week after Corpus Christi the Immaculate Heart of Mary is celebrated. On 9Th June in many parts of the world, the non-canonical “Mary, Mother of Mercy” is celebrated.
2nd July is commemorated with the feast of the Visitation.
And on 16 July occurs the feast of “Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
15th August – as today- the Church celebrates the Assumption of Mary into heaven. And a week later, on 22 August, the feast “Mary, Queen of Heaven is celebrated.
The Church celebrates the feast of the Nativity of Mary on 8th September and on 12th September the Feast of her Name. 15th Sept is “Memory of the Seven Sorrows of Mary”
October is another month for Mary – the Feast of the Rosary is its center of attraction.
21th November is the Feast of Our Lady of Jerusalem, the day of the “presentation” of Mary in Jerusalem.
8th December is celebrated as the “Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. Then comes the birth of Christ on Chrsitmas.
In all these memorials, we see Mary with Christ.
Because her life is related with Christ.
She goes with him the way…
She goes with him not only as the mother, but as a special disciple.
Mary sees her vocation not only as a mother.
She sees it as a give and take.
This is an example of our faith.
She will say,
“Are you called, then you are called to be with God.”

2 Mary as the Signs of hope and comfort.

A great example from the life of Mary was the experience of the wedding in Cana. There was an emergency situation. They had no more wine.
That means an unexpected and shameful end of the celebration.
That would be a degrasation for the hosts and Bridegroom.
People could criticize them and could destroy their relationship.
Mary sees the situation.
She sees their more emotional distress than the physical lack of wine.
She sees, these people need new “wine”,
a special wine, that may not divide people, but unite.
That was Jesus.
This is the intercesion of Mary. Because she sees the needs and finds a better solution… She unites us with God, wonderfully.

In Cana, we also see the “power” of Mary.
That was the power of love as a mother …
This was also a power of a “faithful”.
Because Mary believed in Jesus in Love and Faith…
Jesus is “helpless” before these two fold forces.

We see something else more in Mary:
She makes Jesus and his Divinity, visible to the “World”.
First through the birth… then here in Cana …

Today, we need new Marys… People who can make the invisible God visible.
3 She was taken to the heavenly glory with body and soul.

Mary has a special double role – as a “maid and Queen”
She is thus different.
When she received a “special call” of God,
she was just willing to say,
“Behold, the handmaid of the Lord.”
She knew what was her call. She knew it was a mystery.
She obeyed the will of God for that mystery.
She made life smaller, but enlarged and expanded her heart for the Lord.
This actually did not reduced her glory, but it prepared her way to heaven.

Mary’s life was also different.
She never identified with Christ and Divinity.
She didn’t suffered on the cross as her Son Jesus.
Her suffering was more internal and invisible.
Yes, her life was different. Her cross too.
But the way and the aim was the same… the Heaven.

Today, Mary will tells us,
you can carry different crosses, but the goal is the glory of God.

Mary is a special creation of God … We can infinitely sing her praises…
She is also special for us because she stays with us so close.

The Assumption of Mary with Soul and Body was a special gift of God,
for her unique faith and love.
Or else, what can God present her, whom he previously addressed as woman “full of grace”?
This feast is the recognition her faith and hope and humility.

Mary tells us today,
God needs people to make him and his works visible on earth.
Our lives are his instruments.
God needs moms and dads,
brothers and sisters…Men and women…
He needs different people for his revelation and incarnation today.
He needs people to represent him as the savior and helper of the distressed.

As we celebrate this feast day,
let us ask her intercession,
that we may also be, people of hope and unity, like Mary.
We ask for the Power of the Holy Spirit,
so that we can make God visible in our everyday lives.
May the intercession of Mary, our Mother God help us. Amen!

–Thomas Kalathil

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